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Egypt's Beautiful Queen...Contest.
mio akiyama- D R E AM S
Hello I'm Elodie,I'm 13 year old,I have got: one cat,one dog and one rabbit,the dog name's is Prince,the cat name's is Nina and the rabbit name's Chocolate. I love horse,a do horse rinding in holidays,and a go to France. I learning English and French
I love the 90's starring a baby WuvLuv!!
PSALM 113:3 3. May the Lord’s name be praised from      where the sun rises to where it goes down.
The LORD's name is to be praised
Dear Lord Please watch over all my fiends and family! In Jesus name Amen!
butterfly s
Psalm 113:2
Lyela Rose, My 1st Granddaughter
Teri's name
Elsa gold (Gelda)
That's my name
Jesus Christ
Don't Shame God's Name
happy name's day