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Selena Gomez

I love music and making fantasy art

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A crying shame
Selena Gomez
Winter love
Holding the memories you have forgotten
Jeffrey Dean Morgan... The walking dead
Selena Gomez
Beautiful Winter

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Our hearts have been to battle
· itu 9 april 2021
Thanks for adding me, I added you back :x
· itu 8 april 2021
Hey! Thank you for adding me! :)) I’ve added you back! >:D<
Kurumi Tokisaki
· itu 8 april 2021
Thank you! :x
Yes, I was on Blingee under the username Teodoruka :)
Kurumi Tokisaki
· itu 7 april 2021
Hello! Thank you so much for adding! >:D< I've added you back! :D